Smart Car

The little car at the left is a smart fortwo, and we thought it fitting that it be our vehicle of choice because it embodies our business philosophies.

  • It is efficient, and because it's easy on our pocket book we can be easy on yours.

  • It makes good use of technology, and thats what we aim to help everybody do.

  • It uses technology to help the environment, all the while maintaining the mobile lifestyle we've become accustomed to.

  • Its incredibly safe. And thats how we want your computing experience to be... safe and enjoyable.

Why red and silver?

Red because we're usually called when there's a computer emergency. Like all good emergency response teams though, we believe an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so we're also available to teach you how to avoid problems in the future

Silver because we try to save you money. We do this by

  • Teaching you how to keep problems from coming back.

  • Keeping your computer secure and productive so that you don't waste your precious time chasing down problems.

  • Providing objective advice you can trust. You see, we don't sell hardware or software, so the only reason we would advise a hardware or software purchase is if we thought it would help you, not us.

  • Having flexible rate plans that work together to help you save your hard earned money